Water Rights

Coal mining uses great resources of water. Do you have your water rights? It is important to apply for your water rights as soon as possible.

Having your water rights puts you in line if you need to file a lawsuit.
Having water rights only protects your water quantity.
There are no protections for your water well quality.

Well Log Data Online: WELTS

Dept. Mining, Land, & Water Factsheet on Water Rights in Alaska

In 2003-2006, Matanuska Susitna Valley property owners united to face Coal Bed Methane development and exploration issues. A property owner's Bill of Rights, water rights, and other issues can be found at www.gassdrillingmatsu.org.

Application for Reservation of Water
For additional information see Reserving Water for Instream Use Fact Sheet.

Application for Water Rights
Used by a property owner to initiate, develop, and perfect a water right for the beneficial use of water from a specific source of surface or ground water. For additional information see the Water Right Fact Sheet.

Application for Temporary Water Use
Required for the temporary use (under 5 years) of a significant quantity of water as defined by law. There are no water rights associated with this permit. For additional information see the Water Rights in Alaska Fact Sheet.

Change of Address for Water Rights
Used to notify the Water Management Section of an individuals change of Name or Mailing Address.

Change of Property Ownership for Water Rights
Used to notify the Water Management Section of a change in the ownership of property where a water right permit/certificate is established.

Request for Water Right Permit Extension
A one time permit extension may be granted for cause if the water right is not fully developed by the expiration date on the permit.

Statement of Beneficial Use of Water
Must be signed by the property owner to certify that water use on the property is fully developed. Once the water use if fully developed, a permanent water right certificate may be issued. This form must be notarized.

Water Well Record (Driller's Well Log) Form
Well Drillers are required to submit to the Division, a completed "well log" of each well drilled. For additional information see Alaska Hydrologic Survey.